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Carolina Sandoval

Media Director in GSK for Latam markets

Carolina is currently Media Director in GSK for Latam markets. She is obsessed with data-driven marketing, digital transformations, audience-based decision making and e-comm media initiatives. Some of her key brands are: ENO, Advil, Centrum, Sensodyne, Panadol, Voltaren and Theraflu, amongst others.

Her career as a journalist has given her the opportunity to understand Media from within. She started at CNN en Español as an Entertainment Producer for Colombia. With the UN, she helped to create the Communications Department for UNFPA also in Colombia. She then assumed the challenge of building and leading the BBC´s radio station in Ecuador, Radiocity; were she was Entertainment Director and had her own radio show for over 4 years. This experience opened the door to the advertising world and she became Innovation Director for Initiative (Media Agency) in Ecuador.

She then created Sandbox, the first Branded Content Unit in Colombia, which then spread to 4 other countries in the region.  Digital became her primary obsession and that´s how she became Digital and Content Director. The leap to Media Planning was done when she applied the digital principles into the strategic thinking of the Agency and that´s how she assumed a Latin American role as a Latam Strategist, before arriving to Mondelez.  In Mondelez she was responsible for the growth of brands like Oreo, Club Social, Trident, Halls and Tang. Her focus was to maximize media performance (ROI), excel in communications planning, ensure flawless local executions and continue paving the digital pathway. She was Comms Planning Lead for Biscuits Latam and Media Manager for WACAM (14 countries). 

Currently, in her job at GSK, Carolina has a clear direction to approach strategies that can impact consumers along each phase of the consumer journey, focusing in bringing actual business results rather than just strong Media KPI´s.