Jurado Creativo

Paola Aldaz

Vicepresidente de Marketing, MasterCard

Paola Aldaz is a top executive in the field of innovation, business development and transformation through the power of technology in B2B, B2P, B2C & B2B2C.
I am a pioneer in bringing data science to marketing for the adoption of new technologies, bringing to the table a clear understanding of human behaviors and "Nomad Consumers."
I have managed over $1 billion in budget expenditures on behalf of top brands and portfolios including Mastercard, The Coca-Cola Company, The Walt Disney Company and Visa among others focusing on business growth, technology adoption, innovative forms of marketing and communications, known as "Marketing 4.0 and Growth Hacking."
Not only have I built teams to be top performers across digital channels, but also have developed a solid analytical data model. Used to enhance real time bidding platforms for the adoption of new technologies and corporate transformations for the exponential age (ExOs).
As someone with executive experience in different companies and industries, I was awarded with more than 250 recognitions, including #womentowatch2017.
Currently, I am a University Professor for MBA and Graduate programs.
Other than being a keynote speaker focused on innovation, technology, ExOs, and contemporary businesses and brands, Paola is also a mother of two teenage boys, happily in love with Gabriel and enjoys running. She was made in Argentina