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Huesos Deforestados / Havas Creative

BriefThe National University of Colombia owns the most important natural history museum in the country. Created in 1918, it has real more than 2.00...

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2:45 Without Breathing / DDB

BriefWe published an ad that takes to be read the same time Sofía spent under the sea to achieve the world record. Then we challenged the people to...

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Caravan of joy

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My Line / MullenLowe SSP3

BriefMany people in different regions of Colombia are still having no access to Internet or Smartphones, due their remote geographical location.Tha...

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BriefWe turned a usefulness of an App initially designed to provide a transport service, by enhancing it into a lifesaving tool that would unify ta...

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The invisible women / MullenLowe SSP3

Entry SummaryThe struggle for gender equality is an issue that is becoming increasingly important in the world thanks to many organizations in the...

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I Rescue / VML Colombia

BriefTreating Amblyopia isn’t hard, but diagnosing kids who lack access to medical care is a challenge. When the patients can’t go for treatment, t...

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Savor Saver / Ogilvy Colombia

BriefSavor Saver is and affordable candy that helps cancer patients regain their appetite because they can feel the real flavor of food again inste...

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Drunken Spots / Ogilvy Colombia

BriefWe decided to record the actual offenders caught driving under alcohol effects asking them to read an awareness message talking about the cons...

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The game that never was / Grey Colombia

BriefOne year after the accident, Blu Radio, the radio station which would have broadcasted the finals, payed a deserving tribute to Chapecoense by...

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Kingo / Ogilvy Colombia

BriefIntroducing Kingo: a tech company that is unlocking access to solar energy worldwide.Kingo´s innovative service model allows users to purchase...